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Vision: Being a business partner for every Clients to grow and develop together, and creates long-term cooperative relationships that have value and trust.

Mission: Participating in creating new jobs and helping every level of enterprises to move forward and develop their business for social and country development.

As a corporate secretary company and focus on providing solutions to the clients, we always offer services that are transparent and affordable within budget.

Orange was our corporate colour, orange logo gives a warm and vibrant impression. This color is a symbol of adventure, optimism, confidence and the ability to
socialize. Our EasyHelps words means we help client achieved their business goals with the best effort of our team.

Easy: Convenient, Simple, Light and Straightforward.
Helps: Lead, Assist, Support and Contribute.

#WorksDone is our tagline to simplified our company’s goals which means that we focus on handle our work for clients until it’s properly done in a very effective and efficient time.


Company Regulation and Standard Operating Procedures Preparation | Office Management System Audit and Review | Tax and Financial Report | Human Resources Administration


Business Incorporation | Arbitration and Litigation Support | Corporate Law and Administration Support | Law Office Management


Internet Marketing | Firm Profile Design | Media and Newspaper | Legal Content Creator | E-Newsletter Publication


Business Meeting Organizer | Business Proposal Preparation | Express Typing | Document Management | Minutes of Meeting


Company Rules and Standard Operating Procedures

Preparing company rules to develop office management activities as a standard regulation to give working direction and instructions to all personnel who work at the Company.

Corporate Financial Development and Tax Report

Assisting in the preparation of corporate financial and tax reports to meet the needs in understanding the company’s business development

Preparation for ISO Certification Audit

Conduct an audit process of all management systems that has been running in the company to measure success in its achievement and as fulfillment of taking ISO quality management certification.

Human Resources Administration

  • Manpower planning and development
  • Drafting Employee Handbook
  • Performance Review
  • Job Positioning and Salary Structure
  • Job Descriptions and Key Performance Indicator


Business Incorporation

  • Business license registration
  • Notarial services and legalization
  • Manpower Management and Immigration Permit i.e RPTKA, ITAS and IMTA
  • Intellectual property registration
  • ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 14001 registration
  • BPOM, SNI and Halal Certification 

licensing and certification

  • Arbitration proceeding support preparing hearing rooms, transcriptions and accommodations
  • Supporting in Litigation proceeding whether in or out of the Court
  • Providing comprehensive arbitration and litigation report
  • Legal transcriptions and word processing support
  • Legal translation and interpreter service

Corporate Law and Legal Representation

  • Drafting or reviewing legal business contracts or agreements
  • Assisting in legal due diligence process for lawyers
  • Desk research of government regulations, procedures and updates to prepare legal memo
  • Field research of business legal documents and status of company data.

Compliance Audit

  • Law office company regulations setup
  • Organization structure and employment rules
  • Standard operating procedures, job descriptions and KPI
  • Document management and control
  • Finance, tax and accounting for law firm
  • Digital marketing and business development strategy for law firm 

Law Office Management Support

  • Law office company regulations setup
  • Organization structure and employment rules
  • Standard operating procedures, job descriptions and KPI
  • Document management and control
  • Finance, tax and accounting for law firm
  • Digital marketing and business development strategy for law firm 


Business Meeting Organizer

Business Proposal Preparation

Data Entry and Processing

Document Management


Digital Marketing

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Keyword search from 10-30 keywords
  3. Article Blogging and posting to high authority website
  4. Preparing 4 legal articles based on search keywords
  5. Backlink to Law Firm Website based on Search Keyword
  6. Google Presence with Google MyBusiness
  7. Guarantee Google Rank at 1st page search in 3 to 6 months

Firm Profile Design

  1. Designing Law Firm Profile for Printing and Downloadable version
  2. Logo and Corporate Identity Design
  3. Preparing Law Firm Marketing Kit including its experience and expertise

Media and Newspaper

  1. Help client post their law firm announcement to local or international newspaper, i.e: Kompas, The Jakarta Post, Media Indonesia, Bisnis Indonesia, Strait Times, and so forth
  2. Help client post their law firm announcement at television news, i.e: MNC, Berita Satu and RCTI
  3. Preparing proportional Layout text and images
  4. Re-writing or copywriter draft of announcement
  5. General shareholder meetings or business or company announcement will be post based on newspaper terms
  6. Minimum size posting applied

Legal Content Creator

  1. Preparing text writing for legal articles based on Client’s marketing plan
  2. Preparing law firm news and updates based on data and information from the Client
  3. Preparing legal updates, i.e information on new regulation or other important issue that need to be informed to Client’s network
  4. Preparing image design for posting purposes
  5. Maximum 4 legal articles and images per month

Social Media Optimization

  1. Social media posting only at Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  2. Preparing images for content posting at Client’s social media
  3. Preparing short legal info for content posting at Client’s social media
  4. Creating Hashtag and keywords
  5. Legal info contains legal updates from new regulations or important issues that need to be informed on Client’s network
  6. Maximum 2 content post per month
  7. Legal info could contain client’s office internal news and updates

E-Newsletter Publication

  • Email Blasting Setup using gmail account
  • Prepare Content Blasting Plan for 3 months
  • Legal articles preparation based on the plan
  • Blasting schedule 2x per months
  • Submitting Database Collection up to 2000 emails


Corporate Statement

PT EasyHelps Multi Solusindo provide a comprehensive corporate legal secretary services focusing in Business Management, Tax & Accounting Services, Legal Compliance, Digital Marketing and Corporate Secretarial. 

We have more than 15 years of experience working in several multi-national companies, facing the problems of most companies’ resources that are not taken seriously. The EasyHelps team is prepared to give the best qualities of services. With strong and good characteristics, we believe we could help the Clients reach their goals in professional ways.

Comprehensive Solutions of Corporate Legal Secretary Needs



Frequently Asked Questions

Why need corporate legal secretarial services?

As a new comers in business or entrepreneurship journey, you must be focused on the essential issue on your business such as creating business plan and meet your new potential customers. Using our corporate legal secretary services will help you handle your to do list to be done properly especially in office management, finance and accounting, human resources, legal compliance and secretarial work. 

How Much It Cost?

We provide comprehensive corporate legal secretary services who help clients to give solutions for the needs of their business establishment and development. We offer a very effective services fee accordance with our team working experiences. 

What is Corporate Legal Secretary Key Benefit?

Our team consist on experienced corporate legal secretary. To be able to reach your goal as entreprenur or business owner, you will need expert to help you. Having EasyHelps team as your corporate legal secretary, will give you confident and security to focus more on your business. 

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